Still alive

So here I am after a lot of tests, doctors appointments, and cash. They can’t find anything wrong with my nerves, so there is no treatment to do. To fill you in if you didn’t know my hand and foot is asleep with shooting pains for over a month now and I have headaches almost every day, it sucks. On the bright side of things I am stupid and got a tablet to do some drawings on and am posting from it now. So ParasiteHUMAN , my comic, is back on track and looking good. Back to my health, I’m strict gluten free for two weeks, no more headaches ( had those almost every day) and no more shooting pains through my sleeping arm, but it is still asleep. Maybe I should be allergy tested my brother has a bunch of food allergies and even has to carry a epi pen. This all came on for him at 30ish and I’m 32. I don’t know and I know the diet thing is some hippy thing but normal medicine seems to have failed me. If nothing else diet is something to do and one of the few things I can control in my life.

These are some of the first pics I did on my tablet. Just getting the hang of this.
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Start to Finish rat (Skaven), update on me.

Here is a start to finish picture I did. I see all these awesome mouse art from Hardshellart and got me in the mood for my own rodent.
Here you can see I started just like doing a person. You change the shape of the feet (most animals walk on there toes), and I dropped the head into the ventral aspect of the thorax. I did keep with a four heads tall body (groin to head top) just out of place if that makes sense. But just get the basic shapes down.

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ParasiteHuman Book 1 page 7 to 11

Next part of ParasiteHuman

Sorry it took so long lots of stuff going on in my life. Thanks for reading.

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Would you be your own friend?

Would you be your own friend…

This thought came to me a few years ago. It’s not like I think I’m a bad person or something. It is more like, do you ever lie to yourself? I find that I do all the time. Small stuff like diet, working out, even just I’m going to clean the house today. For some it may be more than that and at times in my life it was. I’m quitting smoking, I will not get angry about whatever, drugs, going back to him/her, whatever!

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ParasiteHuman Book 1 page 1 to 6 (comic mature content)

ParasiteHuman Book 1 part 1. Written and Illustrated by David Hermanek (131ART).

PSH page1 part 1 finish

PSH page 2 part 1 finish

PSH page 3 part 1 finished

PSH page 4 part 1 finish

PSH page 5 part 1 finish

PSH page 6 part 1 finished


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I want to be the very best!

So I’ve been thinking a lot about past stuff and just what little faith I have had in myself. I went to veterinary tech school because I didn’t think I could make it as an EMT, so now I work in a vet clinic. It did workout I do like my job but am frustrated with the limited earning potential. I past on any kind of art programs because my lack of any computer knowledge for art programs and just not feeling good enough to do it. I don’t know it just gets me down and I dwell on it. but…. these last few months with drawing I’m up and down but still more up. I get frustrated that I feel like I could never make a job out of it but I look through my sketch book from the start of the year and the progress I’ve made is awesome. I also feel where I lack in skill I always have storys on my mind and comic/graphic novels is where my focus is.


When I start a pic and fiish it I feel good about it. I am really happy with this one.


this one is a free hand (no ruler) prospective drawing. Kim Jung Gi does a lot of these where he just draws where he is even putting himself in the drawing, drawing. My next sketch book I buy I want to fill with all this kind of thing. PS this one I did at work on my break over a few weeks, 30min lunch. Also Kim Jung Gi is my hero I really like that he just does a final picture and often will not sketch out the picture first so he just gos strait to ink. I will as good as him someday. lol


This last one just whatever, this seem to be the kind of thing I go to most of the time, monsters and demons. I don’t know why but I’ve been drawing this sort of thing since I was in my teens.

These were all taken from my phone sorry I’ll try to scan some in for better quality next time.

So to quote Ash. “I want to be the very best. That no one ever was.”

Thanks and keep drawing it doesn’t matter that there people who may be better (or you think they’re better) but you never will know what you can do if you don’t try.

Thanks and I hope this helps someone out there…

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Harry Potter, Manga, Attack on Titan, and drawing…

So I’ve been sick. It sucks, haven’t had much time to draw anything. But I have been watching some TV. A oldie Fist of the North Star and I started Attack on Titan. I really like that show it’s cool, great animation, action, and story. My kiddo has been watching Pok√©mon and that’s cool I watched it back in the day. But the point is I forgot how much I love anime and started trying out some manga style. I would also like to point out something that Sycra said (“Sycra” does a lot of cool stuff on youtube, he does great human proportion videos) that drawing something good that you like is great but… do it like 60 more times you need to practice a lot if you want to be good. So I sat down when sick today and drew about 20 faces in one sitting. Most of these are not them. but I keep coming back to that. that’s great Dave look good lets draw it again.


I changed her pack into a backpack! But this was really my first go at the whole manga style. I did watch a bad youtube on their proportions but hey I hey they seem to use the eight heads tall and the face seems standard. maybe a little off.


More from the show Attack on Titan. Just watching it and pausing drawing but you can’t just copy things. As I draw and sketch out this stuff I talk to my self and explain why things look the way they do and I do use the eight heads just knowing it’s a half head from the chin to the clavicle helps line up so much in a picture. Anyway after a few looking at something I drew Harry Potter just off the top of my head.


So Thanks again. and yeah this Harry is not eight heads tall but he’s young and it’s one of the few things my wife likes that I do.

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