Almost a year of people drawing.

So about a year ago I started drawing people. Don’t laugh this was it…

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All and all

With everything going on in the news and humans being what they are and all. I come back the A Pale Blue Dot by Carl Sagan and robotech veritech fighter!

IMG_0389.JPG<br /

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Inktober pictures

I did this inktober thing started by Jake Parker here are some of the highlights. If you didn’t know it’s where you post a picture everyday of October and I did do it but the last ten days or so were tough.

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The thing I’m most proud of (excluding my kiddo)


There it is.
Thank you all, its stupid but this blog keeps me motivated.
So thanks.

And here is more!
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New stuff.

Here is the digital stuff I’ve been working on. IMG_0227.JPG



Not a lot but there it is. Thanks

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Still alive

So here I am after a lot of tests, doctors appointments, and cash. They can’t find anything wrong with my nerves, so there is no treatment to do. To fill you in if you didn’t know my hand and foot is asleep with shooting pains for over a month now and I have headaches almost every day, it sucks. On the bright side of things I am stupid and got a tablet to do some drawings on and am posting from it now. So ParasiteHUMAN , my comic, is back on track and looking good. Back to my health, I’m strict gluten free for two weeks, no more headaches ( had those almost every day) and no more shooting pains through my sleeping arm, but it is still asleep. Maybe I should be allergy tested my brother has a bunch of food allergies and even has to carry a epi pen. This all came on for him at 30ish and I’m 32. I don’t know and I know the diet thing is some hippy thing but normal medicine seems to have failed me. If nothing else diet is something to do and one of the few things I can control in my life.

These are some of the first pics I did on my tablet. Just getting the hang of this.
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Start to Finish rat (Skaven), update on me.

Here is a start to finish picture I did. I see all these awesome mouse art from Hardshellart and got me in the mood for my own rodent.
Here you can see I started just like doing a person. You change the shape of the feet (most animals walk on there toes), and I dropped the head into the ventral aspect of the thorax. I did keep with a four heads tall body (groin to head top) just out of place if that makes sense. But just get the basic shapes down.

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